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What is a Facebook Hack?

There are many different variants of these programs, the one we offer you is called "Facebook Hacker". 

This tool can hack the Facebook password of any account you desire, with ease!

The category of Facebook password Hackers is on the 2012 most wanted hacking software.

Our software is the only free working one currently!

Facebook hack

This Hack was developed in 2012, and is used to find the password of ANY FB profile account.
However it can't be guaranteed that it will gather the password, the success rate is around 95%.

 We always wanted Facebook hacking to be possible, and in the beginning of 2012, we released our program. It is almost perfect with only a few flaws.
We decided to release this program for FREE - since it's all new and we want it to get known, respected and promoted, BEFORE we start the sales.

Its is going to cost 29,95usd when the free copies is given out.
We decided to give 5.000 downloads for free.
In return could you promote us? By commenting something positive on our YouTube video, share us with your friends etc.?

How to Download:

Complete these steps BEFORE going to our download page. These steps is required, but if you don't have an user for any of the social sites, feel free to skip them.
1. Like us

2. Share us

Press the download button and follow instructions:

Download facebook hack

To prove your not employeed by Facebook, the download server, will ask for verification and some personal info. This is a necessary step!

More info:

FB the mammoth social network has over 955 million active users as of June 2012, nobody can argue the importance which the site has in an average Joe's daily life whether it be professional or personal.

Why would you use this program and is it okay to use it?

Everybody is on FB, Everything goes on this social media site. Imagine if you could hack into somebody's Facebook account what intricate details you could find out about him. 

You could discover whom he is friends with, what are his interests, what private conversations he is having, what are his thoughts about you.
 You could even access his private photos. 
That's just more than enough information needed to fully decode a person's life, his habits, his character.

In many cases it seems unethical to hack somebody private account, but in some cases it becomes necessary for example- What is somebody is harassing your daughter/girlfriend online?

 In that case hacking his Facebook password is an offensive measure that you can take to make the offender become submissive.


Facebook hacker

Do this kind of software really exist?

There is a study that suggests that seven out of nine people you meet are either already on Facebook or will join within the next six months. 
With such huge following and usage there have to be pitfalls, there have to be exploits. 
That's where Facebook hacking comes into the picture. 

Our technology is flawed nothing in this world performs ideally so is the case with Facebook security. 
It is a common misconception that it is impossible to hack a Facebook password. People cannot be farther away form the truth!

The fact of the matter is scrawny teenagers sitting in their basements glued to a computer screen can and do hack your Facebook password all they need is a password hacking software and many are available in market.

 Sure you won't find these software on your favorite toolbar download sites, but look into the right places and you may just find what you need.


Who made this software, and will it continue to work?

This is such a site, and the software here is developed by a professional Facebook hacker who charges anywhere between $500-$1000 for hacking just one account. 

Of-course he doesn't know his software is being given out, and measures have been taken that he may never know. 

But in the unlikely event he finds out it's still pretty obvious he can't do much about it because he doesn't want every body to find out that he is the coder of Facebook password hacker.

Now there are many Facebook hacking software in the underground market, but the problem is most of them are outdated, don't work or are poorly executed scam just to make a quick buck.
A Google search for "How to hack a Facebook account for free" yields many of such worthless software.

But this software was meant for private use only, so it's constantly updated and it is made sure it always works. 

Though Facebook is regularly updating its security but let's face it hackers evolve much faster than security professionals. This always keeps the hackers ahead in the game.

This software is constantly evolving, so you might want to bookmark this site and visit often for regular updates.
This is a powerful tool use it responsibly, don't hack random Facebook accounts with it.
Use it only when you really need it.

 The motives are yours and nobody can judge whether what you are doing is right or wrong. But one thing should be remembered while using this software.
"With great power comes great responsibility."

facebook password hacker

Top ways to keep your account safe from a Facebook Hack

Even though we promote hacks, we decided to write a small guide to make sure your own personal account won't be put at any risk:

With over 500 million users active on Facebook, it goes without saying that this social networking site is the most popular when compared to its competitors. In fact, it is because of this popularity today you'll find hackers getting involved in the act of hacking the accounts of innocent users.

 With hackers targeting Facebook accounts to gather personal information, you should be well prepared with the strategies to keep off from a Facebook hack. Here are the top ways to help you out:

facebook hack



Strong Passwords are Mandatory

When it comes to choosing passwords, avoid targeting your name or the names of your parents, dog, or spouse. Instead, use a combination of digits, letters and punctuation. 
Use both lowercase and capital letters. 
Remember one thing, the more the length of your pass, the greater are its chances of being secured. 

An ideal starting point would be to choose six characters PW's, though 8, 10 and 12 characters work even better. It is because small passwords are easy to hack, particularly if they are a common phrase or word. 

However, if you have difficulty in remembering your secure word, then write it down somewhere, though this won't be a safe option to go for. Instead try choosing some odd phrase or combination of words that only a few people may know, and then replace some of the alphabets with punctuation or digits.

hack facebook password

Change Password From Time to Time

So to keep safe, prefer changing your code every week or month. For this, you need to select the "Forgot Password" option. Besides, you can also change the password from the user's setting option.
Don't accept friend request from strangers

Are you flattered by the profile picture of a hot chick who has sent you a friend request recently? Well, beware…it can be a guy in disguise! If you have a fascination of making new friends, then at max you can add friend of friends to your account. Even, this approach is a strict no if you are truly concerned about your account's safety and confidentiality.

Don't click on any link without being sure

You log into your account and find that your friend has posted some links on your wall. But then, make sure not to click on them if they appear to be somewhat fishy. In fact, in such cases chances are quite less that your friends have actually done it, instead their accounts have been hacked and by clicking on these links, you may also fall into this prey.



Not all emails are trustworthy

Reliable web services don't compel you to do some things via an email. For instance, Facebook will not send you an email asking you to enter personal information or change your account password. If they require anything similar, they'll ask you to go to the account settings and make the needed changes. In the like manner, you need to also protect the email account that is registered for Facebook so that no one can reset your password.

In addition to the approaches included above, Facebook has also introduced security features using which you can keep off from a Facebook hack. By implementing some simple measures to maintain account security, you can make your surfing experience all the more pleasant and eventful.

How to use a Facebook Hack - 4 methods explained

Facebook is among the most widely used social media platforms. Though it has millions of users, it can easily be compromised. 

Anyone out there can use different methods for Facebook hack, get the passwords and open any other persons account without many problems.

There are many reasons why you might do this. Some of this includes just curiosity, to make a revenge on someone, monitoring some people activities, recovering the lost passwords and when you have suspicion about your partner's behavior.

facebook hack

 Simple Facebook hacking tools

In order for one to "crack" any Facebook account, then they have to use the available software which is downloaded from the internet. Some of the software is free while there are those which you have to buy from the programmers.

By employing using our great software, your target will not notice anything fishy going on because you will be working remotely. This means the original account holder will not notice anything going on until when you either change their passwords, make other changes to their account like posting and commenting or changing their profile picture and information.

How to get started

For one to understand how the Facebook hacking is done, then they must have some programming knowledge if they want to develop their own software. But for those using the already developed software then it is a simple process.

The first thing you must do is to buy the software or download it for free from our download page (or read more about a Facebook password hacker). 
After downloading the software, then you have to open it. The software success in getting your victims password will depend on their email, usernames and profile identity used. 

The software will then decrypt the victims' info using the programming details. 
Some "codes" are retrieved within a few seconds only while there are others that take more time depending on the complexity of the software being used and the combination of usernames and passwords used.

Passwords with compound letters are the most difficult to crack and includes combination of lower and uppercase letters. 
The inclusion of special characters in the PW's makes it even more complex but at the end, the software will finally reveal the pass to the hacker.

facebook password hacker

Four methods used

There are four basic Facebook hack methods used to get a victims password. 

This includes the Phising method that involves one masquerading as a trusted person in any communication channel. 

In addition one can use the keylogging technique where you record the keys that are struck on the keyboard. This can be used with electronic cameras to make the recordings. 

Additionally you can employ social engineering techniques to get the passwords of your FB account. In this method, you will try to tamper with the wetware as opposed to others where they gain entry by accessing the software used in development of FB databases.

 Finally one can get the Facebook passwords by entering the main email used in opening the account. 
Many people use the same code as that on the email account making it easy to get your information.

These four methods all takes some work, and is pretty advanced, instead we highly recommend to check our homepage out and download our simply tool which is much easier to use.